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The Present

01 Randolph House Estate Liquidators have been in business professionally for over 37 years. We have a great deal of experience and can handle most efficacies of any project that comes along. Large of small we address it all!

02 We are qualified appraisers. When we setup a house for the sale, we examine everything, and then determine the best way to retain the most value to sell it. We make it easy on the families by coming in to straighten and rearrange, which we call staging.

03 Safety and security are very important. We set the sales up to eliminate theft and insure the safety of our visitors. It is all about the creation of a positive experience for both the current owners and the prospective owners. Our crew removes the furniture from the home as it sells, for both the safety of the shoppers and to protect the homeowner from possible damage to the walls and woodwork.

04 Everything that is sold is kept on a master list. That includes the amount it sold for which the list is given to the owner for their records upon payout from the estate sale.
We enjoy what we do and are honest, hardworking, and sincere.
It would be great to make an appointment and take a look at what we can do for you and your family at no cost to you for visit.
We discuss it all... big or small...


The Past

01 The Randolph House was built in 1872 By Patterson F. Randolph. Born December 31, 1817. He grew up and became a prosperous grocer at 114 Detroit street . This was just a few blocks from his home.

02 In the year of 1900, Patterson gave the house to his daughter, Lucretia, and her new husband, Frank C. Phillips. Mr. Phillips was the manager of the Crystal House Hotel, that stood across from the downtown Flint train station.

03 The style of the house is referred to as an "Italianate" The colors now on the house are original when Patterson lived here. When the Randolph's first moved into their new home, their yard was comprised of half the city block. After building two duplex's for each son, next to this house. The rest of the yard was sold off to make way for homes needed to house the carriage workers, then later for the General Motors workers.

04 Housing at that time was in short supply. After division of the property many years ago, the house is now situated on an L-shaped lot, with a carriage barn/Garage out back. The Historic Patterson F. Randolph House has been restored to it's original 1872 splendor. Inside and out. The gardens have been restored to the period also..... It is now the home of Nickolas C. Hoffman, and is the logo for his Estate liquidation business, titled Randolph House estate liquidators.

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